28 December 2010

2010 is almost over...

....and it has been so long since an update.

In that time, we found that the baby we are expecting is a healthy (thank you, God, and everyone who's prayed for us this past year) boy. And my days have been filled with fun stuff like professional development at school, sciatic nerve pain (literally: a pain in the as$) which seems to move side to side, a couple of my usual fall into winter calls for anti-biotics (strep, sinusitis, laryngitis, a couple of other 'itis'es....bambino is going to come out pre-disposed to needing super strength anitbiotics, sorry babe.)

I've also fallen back into my winter craftiness. Baking cookies, decorating sugar cookies, baking dog cookies, decorating dog cookies, making candy, burning skin off my knuckles (ouch...boiling sugar), and of course, crocheting.

This year, its baby blue items galore. So far I have:

1. discovered Ravelery.com, and wasted many hours looking at patterns

2. made a periwinkle blue elf hat, good only for photo ops

3. made matching periwinkle blue booties

4. worked on a sweater (needs button) and matching toque (looks more like a yamaulke right now)

5. gave up on...poncho to cover large belly, christmas table runner, beige thick scarf

Our big gift from each other to each other is a dSLR camera....we have over 600 pictures of the puggle at this point. Look for more this coming year. The well taken ones are from Dan. The not-so-great ones are mine. I may try the 365 pictures in 365 days project to force myself into playing with the camera and catching up to my husband's abilities.

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