04 January 2012

1 done, 51 to go....

On etsy, there is a whole community of crafters who support each other by driving SEO, offering advice and helping encourage our businesses. To prevent the usual "oh no, I haven't made enough stuff" before craft shows and to try to make my own little shop a little stronger, I have joined a team that pushes us to create and list 1 new item a week all year.  Doesn't sound too impossible, until you take into consideration that custom orders (more than 90% of my sales last year) don't count. 

So, I look forward to 52 brand new items this year! Hopefully there will be some popular new products in there.  Here's number 1: 
I really love it! I wore it to work today and got quite a few compliments and a couple orders. Feels nice to have my first "garment" for adults go over well.  The etsy listing gives full details.

mini etsy