23 January 2011

cute crochet

I have continued to practice my crochet ... um, skills ... and after finishing off a couple baby sweaters for both my bambino and his bestie Kev (his mom and I already decided they will be BFF by geography....they live 10 houses up the street, will be in the same school, on the same bus, and most likely have the same daycare.) They also both had a couple hats made....there were a few pair of booties...some baby blankets given up on....and then I discovered amigurumi.

Amigurumi is Japanese-inspired crocheting of dolls, stuffed animals, and other cuteness. Think of it as 3D anime. Everything is cute. Or maybe it started that way, and ended up perverse. Exploring examples on Ravelery.com I found some really interesting projects (like "adult lip balm case" ... you can google it.)

Like every other new interest I have, I immediately took this topic to Amazon.com and have purchased 4 books so far this week on amigurumi. I have also started a few projects with varying success. And varying challenges....like a missing bunny head, which the puggle is absolutely being blamed for at this point. The biggest challenge, though, is my lack of ability to create a "magic circle". In my search for the right way to do this, I discovered a great website with the first directions for a magic circle that have ever worked for me.

Planet June is full of cute patterns to purchase, helpful free tutorials, and a starting point to trying out amigurumi, or just crochet, for yourself. June's book is on its way this week. Its also the best resource for the details you may want for your own creations, like the eyes, noses, etc. that are not available in stores and even extremely limited for purchase on my beloved amazon.com.

Without further ado....here is my 2nd ever amigurumi....a very simple bunny for the bambino.

I long ago created "Alvira Loo" who know resides with a BFF of my own, but failed to photodocument her awesomeness. There are 2 other toys in process right now...with many more to come. Another snowstorm (4th this season) is on its way this week, so hopefully I will have more couch time to keep the cuteness coming.

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