30 December 2012

Pantone...color of the year

Pantone's color of the year: 2013

Pantone has called out Emerald as their color of the year.  My favorite is Grayed Jade, followed by Linen and Dusk Blue.
Just in...here are the colors that Pantone has declared "it" for the upcoming spring season, and the color that will be gracing catwalks and fashion and home displays all year.  2013 is the year of EMERALD GREEN....which looks beautiful with the other colors Pantone predicts will brighten up this spring's collections.

I knew that Pantone offered some crazy expensive markers, so crazy expensive that they made Prismacolor colored pencils seem reasonably priced.  Those markers don't touch upon this Pantone item....
Pantone cotton color swatch kit, $5,195.00
This product is so popular that shoppers receive this message "

Due to high demand, this product is currently on backorder. All new orders will ship on a first come first serve basis. You may place your order now and we will not charge your order until this product is ready to ship."   

Put me on the list, just like I am on the list for an Hermes Birkin bag.

I am assuming these shoppers include Vera Wang, Monique Lleulhier, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, et al.  

I am a bit of a Pantone color nerd, so I am thinking that a Pantone mug may end up on my wishlist this spring:
2013 color mug...may be the start of a sweet collection
And, I am thinking that this item might be sucking up part of my iTunes gift card from Dan....
Iphone app...of course, its $2 cheaper for the android.
..so I can feel cool at the yarn store, trying to be all fancy with my Pantone app.

What crocheted cute little things would you like to see in Pantone's new color of the year?  I am thinking I may be making myself a cowl to warm up this winter and Domenic might look handsome in a Nonno cap of this color.

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