20 July 2009

time for a little shopping, and dining.

I am absolutely using this space to make myself feel like I have my dream job from time to time. That dream job, friends, is a travel writer. It involves no children, no text books, no lesson plans, no early wake-ups (except for flights and excursions) and plenty of time on the beach and at the dinner table. Nevermind, the shopping! If only such a position as traveling critic/mystery shopper existed.....ah...sweet fantasy world. So, without further explanation...a couple shopping recommendations and a restaurant to be avoided at all costs if you happen to be down the cape anytime soon.

Chatham, MA- Girls, if you happen to need a cute dress (or a classy dress, or a unique dress, or a killer-"get the hell away from my boyfriend"-dress) for a wedding, shower or other event, I highly recommend "Violets". Its right on the main street where all the shopping is, in the center of town, sort of across the street from The Squire. The dresses are actually very reasonably priced for the selection and the variety. Shopping there consists of looking through rainbowed racks of dresses organized by color. They also have an amazing choice of costume jewelery to compliment their dresses or any pre-existing assemble you have to fancy up. The baubles are not nearly as affordable if bought in quantity (a necklace and pair of earrings cost me $70. A lot, I think, for costume jewelery.), but still ridiculously adorable and unique. I think that's the highlight of the offerings here...you are not going to be wearing something that anyone else is sporting to the same event. For example, my new earrings, which feature two thin, yet big dangly ovals, with tiny pinkish violet swarvoski crystals and a teeny little golden bird floating from the post. Not tacky...whimisical. A little bird! I loved them instantly. Whoever does the buying for this store clearly enjoys their role and has a lot of fun filling the small space with gorgeous items.

Harwichport, MA - On the same note of absolutely fall-in-love-with-everything-on-the-rack selection, with a more casual weekend feel, try shopping at "Isabel". On Route 28, across from The Mason Jar, this store took over for a consignment store a couple years back and has held on for the past few summers with adorable clothes. The feel is a funkier J.Crew, or a prepped out Anthropology, maybe. There are sundresses, shorts, jeans, t's, sweaters... if I had a black Amex card I could easily fill a closet here. The prices, for the most part, reflect the store's vacationy location. You pay a premium for shopping within walking distance to the beaches in town. For my Central Mass friends: if you are a Natick Collection shopper, the tags here will be par for the course. If you are a Greendale Mall shopper, you may be in for some sticker shock. That said, I have Natick Collection tastes with a Greendale Mall budget, and this store is great source of inspiration for adding to my season's wardrobe updates.

East Harwich, MA- For the love of god, do not confuse "The Upper Crust" pizzeria, located on rt.39 in the 400 plaza here with "The Upper Crust" located in Brookline and Boston. Do not order pizza from this place. The undercooked nastiness that we paid over $30 for this weekend shamed me as an Italian, and as the daughter of a family who owned a pizzeria. It shamed me as someone who eats pizza. Hell, it shamed me as someone who eats at all.

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