18 August 2010


Change is a good thing. Change can make you feel better. hopeful. excited.

Change is a scary thing. Change can make you feel frightened. anxious. worried.

This is what the beginning of a new school year is about: new clothes, new haircuts, new teachers, maybe new buildings. And, this is the same for teachers as children.
This year, I will be a new teacher again. I am teaching in a new school, in a new city. I have a new role, teaching reading to students who most need it. I have a building full of new teachers to meet.

And I know how those kids are going to feel this year. As much as this change is a good thing --- a really, really good thing --- its scary to leave the comfort of the room I knew, the role
I knew, and most of all the kids I know. I had reached the point of knowing almost all the kids in the school. I knew parents, I knew the teachers' stories. Now, I am the new kid on the block again. I am so excited when I think of all the positives of this new adventure, but still I have those "new kid butterflies".

We'll all be OK. The butterflies will leave our bellies and help us fly to new, wonderful places, where we should be.
If you are bringing a child to school for the first time, or the first time just for this year, you can tell them that the teachers feel the same way. And mean it.

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