11 May 2012

crocheting with the kiddos....

Spring time is MCAS time in Massachusetts.  This high stakes test strikes fear in many hearts, and when I get nervous...I crochet.  So, as I proctored my students through a test that I am not allowed to look at (except in cases that legally require me to provide support and the state makes me sign a non-disclosure form about) I worked on some amigurumi.  The kids took interest in what I was doing, and one student asked me to show her how to do it. 

So, one Monday morning, I had one third grade student learning to stitch with me.  Soon, a couple fourth grade girls also showed interest and we were a group of 3..and then 4...and now I have a group of 6 girls learning to stitch.  Today some boys approached us to see what we were doing. It gives me something to try to multitask while on morning duty watching 250 third and fourth graders.  I do feel bad for my partner who has to carry more than her fair share of that load.  I couldn't believe how interested the kids at our urban school are in this craft. Even the kids in the Emotional/Behavioral room have asked to see how to do it.  

My hook case is now curiously short of G, J, and K hooks...and the halls of my school are clinging with the sound of dropped aluminum hooks.  Right now, the girls are working on chains and making headbands of strands of chains.  We aren't to flowers quite yet, but this is a good idea of what the headband looks like. 

Our next step is single crochet, and we'll probably be trying to make little head kerchiefs.  I need quick projects that will provide some instant gratification for impatient young artisans. 

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