21 June 2010

summer 2010

I have not bothered with this blog for a long time.
Actually, that is not entirely true at all.

I have not posted on this blog for a long time.

When last I actually posted one of the many rambles that I have typed, I was very excitedly looking forward to my first child's arrival. I was a happy pregnant lady.

Those of you who actually know me (which may be 3 of the maybe 4 people who've ever read this) probably know that 1 month after that fateful post, we lost our baby girl. Its been a hard few months. There have been silver linings that are still so tarnished they've yet to shine. And there have been posts that I typed, mostly for me, and kept to myself. So now, I am trying to actually step back into the world I was in last summer before everything went tipsy topsy and dropped me, and my heart, on my ass.

I missed writing. I love it. I would love an audience for my ramblings, but am happy to believe that you're out there. I love reading blogs and peaking in on other people's lives, and finding connections. Maybe you do too...and you will read on.

Anyhow, most of what was true about me last year remains true. Puggle - check. She is now elevated into even more "crazy lady and her spoiled crazy dog" status. There will be dog information on this blog. promise. Teacher - check. I am leaving my favorite class ever...there will be stories about my kiddos. Beach goer - check. I legitimately could happily spend the rest of my life lounging on beaches. I look forward to sharing that with you. Diner - check. Still love me some good foods. Shopper - check. well, sort of. Budgets blow. Twilight fan. Oh hell, yeah. Will share thoughts on Eclipse next week.

So stay tuned....the pricipessa is back, and she's got a lot of time on her hands this summer.

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